Saturday, September 12, 2009

Look at Our Garden Grow!

The compost in Bay City must be above average. Or my Josh is just an outstanding water-er. Either way, our garden is out of control this year! The single most important thing we've learned: WE NEED MORE SPACE! We managed to severely over-crowd our plants, and our lettuce, spinach, and herbs suffered. Regardless, watch how our garden grew this summer:

May 23, when we first planted:
June 20: At this point, we were enjoying cilantro, parsley, and spinach.
July 5: Still enjoying the herbs, lettuce and spinach.
August 2: The vegetables are starting to ripen. Throughout the month of August (and so far into September), we have had:

Jalapeno peppers

Bell peppers (its taking a while for the colored peppers to change color though...)

Zucchini - some as big as my forearm! (Though our squash didn't fair as well)
And tomatoes. Oh the TOMATOES! There are just SO many. We have given them away, grilled them, eaten them raw, made a freezer stash of tomato sauce, and tomorrow, I will be trying my hand at canning. They taste sooooo good!
We have also enjoyed some cucumbers, and are still waiting for our colored peppers to turn. I'm sure I'll have at least one more garden update (with a little surprise in it!) before the season is over.

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