Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Garden Season is Over

... for this year anyways! Here is the last of our haul this year - we managed a few bell peppers, a couple more jalapenos, and a bunch more tomatoes. We put the green ones by the window to see if they would ripen - but we ended up tossing most of them (it looked like they actually got frostbit - oops!)We even had one little surprise - a tiny little watermelon! I didn't even taste it since it was so light inside, but just maybe we will get a good size one next year.Next year, we plan to add a second garden, right by this one. Our major problem this year was over-crowding. We are looking forward to trying most of the same things again. I am still undecided on the bell peppers though - only because the yield was so low. But then again, they were right next to the tomatoes, and we have to wonder how much that hindered their growth since the tomato plants got SO big! All in all, it was quite a successful year!

Our garden, all cleaned up for the year:

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