Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Root Beer Pulled Pork

Pulled pork sandwiches are great for fall! You can't really taste the root beer in these, but the carbonated beverage keeps the meat very moist, and so tender that shredding is a breeze!

Root Beer Pulled Pork
from Karen of LovesToEat

Half Loin Boneless Pork roast, or Shoulder or Butt Roast (thick pork chops would work too); we used 2 lbs and had enough to serve 4
12 oz can root beer
1 bottle BBQ sauce (a sweet & spicy flavor recommended); we used ~ 2/3 bottle

1. Throw pork roast and root beer in slow cooker. Set on low, 8 hours. (The root beer didn't cover our roast, so we flipped it halfway through.)
2. About 1.5 hours before it is done, drain the meat and shred. Add the entire bottle of BBQ sauce (or enough to your liking). Cook the rest of the time.
3. Serve with thick buns and chips! Enjoy!

This is such an easy meal, and it is so tasty! It would be great for a tailgate or other party as well. Serve with mini-buns for an appetizer.

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  1. I love pulled pork sandwiches and this sounds very interesting with the addition of root beer. I'll be trying this recipe soon!!