Monday, December 7, 2009

So much in store...

It may seem like December is a slow month in my kitchen, but that is hardly the case! I've got quite a bit in store for this blog.

Starting next weekend, I will be posting a little series I like to call

The 12 Days of Christmas Cookies(image source)
Yes, 12 posts (maybe even an extra here or there) full of yummy treats. Lots of sugar, red & green and cuteness overload. I can't wait to share all of these recipes with you.

Last weekend, I got started on dough making. I made the dough for 8 different cookies, and it is waiting in either the fridge or freezer for baking day.

My prep table, with the recipes at my fingertips on my laptop:
After a hard days work:
(there is even more in the freezer!)

I just LOVE baking for the holidays! I bring treats in to a bunch of different groups at work, and share them at each holiday gathering we attend with family and friends. I've picked some new recipes to try this year, and also included some from years past.

I am also hosting a small cookie exchange/bake/decorate party this weekend, which will allow me to open my (small) kitchen to some family and friends. Pictures and recipes from that are coming as well.

All this to say, there won't be many dinner recipes posted here the rest of the month. Josh and I are rotating through some old favorites, and some of the quick and easy options we have on stand-by (lots of baked chicken and veggies, some chili and pasta). I will definitely be back in January, hopefully with some hearty, healthy recipes to kick off the new year and refresh us from the holiday season.

Stay tuned....

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  1. Can't wait to see all of your recipes! I'm getting ready to start my Christmas cookie baking too :)